PRESS QUOTES: Poko Puppets, Inc.

“The show’s staging is fresh and varied. Its puppets burst with energy and personality.”

Teacher Magazine

“Imaginations could be stretched by this kind of live theatre . . . faces were aglow with wonder all over the audience.”

The Times Herald

“The Poko Puppets have a life of their own.”


“The show addresses a real need and deserves support.”

The Village Voice

“The puppets were a delight to the young children.”

The Philadelphia Bulletin

“Poko Puppets punctuate the purpose with popular puppetry!”

The Anchorage Times

“His puppets pack immense commercial appeal.”

The Straits Times, Singapore

“The puppets are big and colorful, and there’s lots of action for the kids.”

San Antonio Light

“Stories with touches of whimsy and humor for young and old alike.”

The Phoenix Gazette

“This was a production to rival the ‘big’ Christmas one at Radio City Music Hall. . . . Frankly, I enjoyed the Jack Frost Holiday Show more — much more.”

— Peter Lewis, The Puppet Master Magagzine

SPONSOR QUOTES: Poko Puppets, Inc.

“As well as imparting laughter, Poko communicated to a broad audience the vibrancy of American creativity, American commitment to freedom of expression, and a respect for creating an environment in which these values can flourish.”

— Gilbert Sherman, U.S. Consulate for Cultural Affairs, Jerusalem, Israel

“You were a solid artistic success . . . it will be a pleasure to work with you again in the future.”

— Marti Villarreal, U.S. Information Agency, Arts America Program

“I was spellbound and excited as the full house of grade school children.”

— Tyra Emerson, Program Director, Queens Council on the Arts

“. . . professional and crowd pleasing performers. Poko Puppets are a welcome addition to any theater season.”

— Jason Stone, General Manager, Westbury Music Fair

“Their expertise was extraordinarily thoughtful and responsive. Their enthusiastic and expert approach to puppetry has laid a foundation.”

— Jerry Brennig, U.S. Consulate, Bombay, India

“From the US Ambassador to four year old Honduran orphans, all were captivated by the magic of this prophet of puppetry who won goodwill wherever he and his puppets popped up.”

— Bruce Kleiner, US Consulate, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

“A ‘two thumbs up’ critique from teachers and students alike. I look forward to presenting Poko Productions in the future.”

— Wendy Sabin, Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College

“The puppets, the stories and the interaction with the audience were all superb. I was so impressed in fact that we are engaging the group again next year.”

— Caron Van Gilder, Director, Performing Arts, Montclair State College

“ . . . We are thankful for ‘Poko Perfection’ . . . easy to sell — beautiful to behold — good, clean fun — and every child’s delight! See you next year!”

— Joan Lavin, Director, On Stage, Ltd.

"The whole experience of working with Poko Puppets has been a positive one for me and the rest of the staff . . . your professionalism was outstanding.”

— Trish Lindemann, Director of Education, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

“I am sure the children will remember this delightful experience for a very long time.”

— Anita Harrison, Principal, PS 158K, Brooklyn, NY

“Your skills have enriched our educational curriculum, and enhanced our parent involvement component tremendously.”

— Diane Raider, Supervisor of Special Education, CS 134X, Bronx, NY

“Your use of puppets, masks and live actors offered theatrical possibilities far beyond the scope of the traditional puppet production.”

— Dr. Nellie McCaslin, New York University

“Your colorful, imaginative, and well produced and performed show received raves.”

— Jean Crockett, Principal, Human Resources School, Albertson, NY

“You were not only a performer, but also an actor, artist and teacher to all of us.”

— Rosemarie Varriano, Principal, Thompson School, Staten Island

“It was a pleasure to see the children singing, acting, and in every way thoroughly involved in the program.”

— Ann Paulson, Project Child Staff Developer, District 28, N.Y. City

"The feedback we have received from district supervisors, teachers and students has been overwhelming. It was a pleasure to have such a high quality and professional production, such as yours, entertain and educate with such vitality.”

— Leonard Natman, Brooklyn Academy of Music

“You captured the interest of the children with a great sense of fun and laughter and presented your material on the child’s level without being condescending. I believe children deserve the best and you give it to them!”

— Kay Marszalek, Anoka Library, Blaine, MN

“A delight for our very young audiences. I loved your use of puppets, your good choice of music, and your clear explanations — Bravo!”

— Karen Cummins, Curator of Education, NJ State Museum

“Rave reviews from our audience as they left the theatre . . . a difficult audience to play unless you have something special — and you obviously do.”

— Anne Bungo, Director of Education, The Morris Museum, NJ

“Through your high quality presentations you afforded all present a total educational experience.”

— Marc Rossman, Special Education Supervisor, Mohegan Elementary School

“The show was original, fresh and exciting. The demonstration was both interesting and entertaining . . . We look forward to another visit from Poko Puppets.”

— Julie Prusinowski, Coordinator of Cultural Events, Burlington County College, NJ