The Jack Frost Holiday Revue

Jack Frost is the host for a musical extravaganza featuring the black-light, space-age adventures of Little Red Rocket Hood and a rollicking country-western Three Little Pigs (written by Broadway and television veterans Peter Howard and David Axlerod). It’s fun for all as we sing along with Jack and a cuddly Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. A giant pop-up “12 Days of Christmas,” a larger-than-life “Frosty the Snowman,” and the full company in a spectacular “March of the Toy Soldiers” celebrate the Holiday Season.

  Running time: one hour. Age range: for general family audiences. Can be performed with or without an intermission. The two stories are also available in a non-holiday version.

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The Peter Rabbit Revue

The Peter Rabbit Revue is a fun-filled, full-stage musical treat featuring the famous rabbit and the classic children’s tales of Peter and the Wolf, Tubby the Tuba, and Peer Gynt and the Trolls. Rabbits abound with Poko’s signature glitter-rock “At The Hop,” the zany and egg-stravagant “Easter Parade,” and an “Old McDonald” sing-along with special guest star “Super Rabbit.” Join the fun with Peter Rabbit and all his rabbit friends as they celebrate the spring holidays. This production is made possible, in part, by a grant from The Jim Henson Foundation.

  Running time: one hour. Can be performed with or without an intermission. Age range: general family audiences. The three stories are also available in a non-holiday version.

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Aesop’s Fables

Giant masks and puppets are used to make eight of the classic fables come to life in American Ragtime style. This is an excellent show for a wide age range; younger audiences recognize the familiar stories of The Lion and the Mouse and The Fox and the Grapes, and are entranced by the large, colorful puppets and masks. Older children and adults enjoy the tongue-in-cheek humor and vaudeville touches Aesop’s Fables is probably our longest running success and most popular show.

  Running time: 45 minutes. Optional 10-minute demonstration available on the different types of puppets used and their operation. Also available in a 20-minute version. Age range: 5–l2 years.

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The Hello Show

Using dozens of large, cartoon-like puppets, this show explores the communication of greeting in all its aspects. Very young children participate instantly and greet each tableau of characters in an appropriate way. Some characters speak English, some speak foreign languages, and others relate solely through music, sounds, and movement. Children also learn how to make a simple puppet at home with materials at hand. The simplicity of concept clever variations, sheer multitude of puppet characters, and most of all, eager audience participation make The Hello Show a landmark In entertainment for very young children.

  Running time: 50 minutes. Age range: 3–7 years.


Let’s Make Music

Follow the adventures of a little star named Twinkle who is in search of the perfect way to sing her song. Along the way we meet a trumpet violin, clarinet and members of the percussion family who tell us about the different sounds of the orchestra. Through the use of large puppets, masks, actors, and a lot of audience participation, boys and girls learn about the elements of music, and discover that it's fun to make music.

Let's Make Music consists of many short segments, that together, run about an hour. Extensive use is made of audience participation, story telling, and combining puppets, actors, and masks. Clearly, the emphasis of the show is on having fun, while being introduced to many new characters and concepts.

  Running time: 50 minutes. Age range: 3–12 years.


The Boy Who Could Swallow the Ocean (and More!)

Based on the popular children's book The Five Chinese Brothers, this production tells the story of three identical brothers with fantastic, and magical abilities. This hand puppet pantomime introduces young audiences to the Asian theatre style, telling the tale mainly through the use of color, sound, and movement. Following the story is a short demonstration of how the puppets and effects are created, and how to make a puppet at home. The show finishes with three variety numbers that show how different types of puppets are used (including our popular “At The Hop”).


Poko A Poco

A musical variety show, available in many different running times, featuring colorful and lively musical numbers and short stories from the repertoire. Ideal for corporate party events, shopping malls, and other family entertainment venues.


Puppet Show and Tell

Puppet Show and Tell is an entertaining and educational stage presentation that shows (1) the five major types of puppets (hand, string, rod, shadow, and mouth puppets), (2) the history and multi-cultural roots of each type of puppet, (3) how to make these types of puppets at home with materials at hand, and (4) how these puppets are manipulated and voiced to bring them to life.

Larry Engler, award-winning author, teacher, and performer, demonstrates puppets from Indonesia, China, Africa, Europe, and from all other corners of the world. These characters move, dance, speak, and come to life in magical ways, making this an ideal “workshop” stage presentation for a large audience.

  Running time: 50 minutes. Age range: 5–12 years.